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ZPHC Oxandrolone 25tab/10mg

Description oxandrolone - anabolic and androgenic steroid. It was released to the market in 1964, SearleLaboratories of the company. Today there are many brands, including Vasorome, Anatrofil, anavar and Oksandrin. In essence oxandrolone is a synthetic steroid with a heterocyclic ring, where an oxygen atom replaces the carbon atom. The steroid is very popular due to its low androgenic activity and high anabolic index. anavar (oxandrolone) Like many other AAS, oxandrolone was originally developed for medical purposes. It has been used for the treatment of anemia, Turner's syndrome, HIV, strengthens the bones and recovery from burns. It was not, and anavar is firmly rooted in sports pharmacology. For competing athletes banned drugs. The steroid profile Anabolic effect - 400% of testosterone. - Androgenic effect - 25% of testosterone. The level of conversion to estrogen (aromatization) is missing. - Liver effects - weak / moderate. - Release form - tablets. - Validity period - 12 hours. The time of detection for doping control for up to six months. I have to say that taking oxandrolone is probably the best solution for women. Low probability and severity of adverse reactions (an index of high anabolic) point to the exceptional security of anavar. The impact of the adoption oxandrolone Effects oksandrolonaPovyshenie hardness of the muscles and relief. The most common steroid used for this purpose. Bodybuilders courses drying oxandrolone to get high quality and relief of muscle mass without the accumulation of fluid. - Increase in performance power. Steroid anavar is often used by boxers, athletes, skiers and representatives of the sports with weight categories. - Increase of growth hormone. - Fat burning. Application oxandrolone solo Receiving anavar solo is recommended for improving the relief of muscle. To gain weight with this steroid extremely inefficient and very costly from a financial point of view. Training results shows for athletes with medium fat and muscle mass, sufficient. Of course oxandrolone solo lasts 6-8 weeks and the daily dose is 20-80 mg. Such a wide margin in connection with individual differentiation. Determination of the optimal dose of oxandrolone is based on many factors: experience in the use of anabolic and androgenic steroids, the ultimate goal of obtaining physiological characteristics of an organism, methods of training, etc. to get the maximum benefit from a course of anavar solo, you must before beginning to undergo a full medical examination and consult a physician. More steroids need to monitor physiological parameters and to make appropriate adjustments. Take oxandrolone on the progress it is advisable to build a staircase. It is recommended to start with a minimum dose of 20 mg, and gradually increase them to the optimal one. Division of the daily value of the shares, which are up to several means of balancing hormones, reducing the probability of failure and the occurrence of side effects. After oxandrolone PCT starts 2 days after the end of the course. Tamoxifen is 10 mg per day (restoring endogenous testosterone), 1-2 weeks. Correctly chosen sports nutrition will improve the effect. Combined courses How to take oxandrolone in combination with other AAS to minimize adverse reactions and improve results recommended vysokoandrogennye steroids. For example, primobolan, sustanon or testosterone different. Combined admission anavar dose is 40 mg. For girls it is advisable to combine. Side effects The drug oxandrolone does not cause a lot of damage to the liver, despite the fact that it is 17-alpha-steroid aklillirovannym. According to studies, the use of Anavar at a dose of 20 mg did not affect the status of liver enzymes. oxandrolone will not aromatize, and therefore do not induce estrogenic manifestations. Possible side effects of the steroid oxandrolone is associated with the ability to inhibit the production of testosterone, though marginally. If you exceed the recommended dose level of endogenous hormone is considered as the body is too high, and it stops producing testosterone. In severe cases it can lead to testicular atrophy. But if you follow the rules, which explains how to use anavar and follow the doctor's recommendations, a negative reaction in 99% of cases does not occur.


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