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ZPHC Stanazolol 100tab/10mg

Description ZPHC Stanazolol ZPHC Stanazolol acts as a representative group of anabolic steroid drugs. The composition is the main active substance under the name of "Stanazolol". Produced by the pharmaceutical company in Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co tabletirovanne. In the Bank 100 tablets with a concentration of 10mg per 1 unit of product.
Quite popular among bodybuilders and athletes. Is used for the formation of the bump and during the drying of the body as a whole. Minor effect on muscle mass, but pretty good impact on the relief as the muscles and prorisovannost muscle. In sports they say if you want the ideal shape, then use in practice ZPHC steroid Stanazolol. HOW TO APPLY The recommended dosage is 30 mg every day. The duration of the course receiving 8 weeks. After completing the course not hurt to go after a course of therapy, as a rule, this is the 3rd day after taking "anabolic". WHAT the COURSE GIVES SOLO

- education quality of the prominence of the muscles;

- rendering vascularity of the muscles;

- increased strength and endurance.

- elimination of excess fluid from the body;

- improve the appetite.

For getting better results from ingestion may combine it with other drugs steroid orientation, which in conjunction with ZPHC Stanazolol will work much more actively than their own. Example: to prepare for the competitive process or to lose weight and dry the muscles of the body will fit the combination of "Stanazolol+Trenbolone". And to increase the mass, the perfect combination: "Stanazolol+anapolon/Dianabol".


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