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BP Anastrozol 20tab/0.25mcg

Base price $6.10
Description a period of up to 06/18 brief description of the drug:

Activity : 48 hours
Classification : aromatase Inhibitor (oral)
Dosage : 0,25-1 mg/day.
Acne : Yes
water retention : No
High blood pressure : May decrease if used aromatizers steroids
Hepatotoxicity : Yes
Suppression of HPTA function : No

Information about the drug

Anastrozole is the real inhibigor aromatase or if to speak a simple language unit tor of estrogen. Taking the drug can lower the level of estradiol to 50%. So it makes sense to take during a course of steroids with a pronounced aromatic effect Thus, you can avoid such unwanted side effects as gynecomastia as the main active ingredient blocks, secrete estrogen. The drug is taken at PCT or during the course AC. In addition to control levels of the female hormone, anastrozole makes the body to gain excess fluid and increases its overall operability..

EFFECTS FROM taking Anastrozole

briefly conclude the work of this drug, we get the following effects: prevention of gynecomastia and reduced estrogen 2 times a improved stamina PCT will be faster and more efficient Control of set fluid Creates the desired hormonal balance.


do Not take dosages higher than the recommended norms, because anastrozole is very strongly suppresses the production of estrogen. And he is still needed in the male body in reasonable amounts.


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