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BP Clomed 20 tab/50mg

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Description Brief description of the drug: Brief description : Activity : 5-7 days Classification : Selective estrogen receptor modulator (oral) Dosage : Men 50-100 mg/day Acne : Yes Water retention : No High blood pressure : Rare Hepatotoxicity : Low Aromatization : No Suppression of HPTA function : No, used to restore Other : Strong gonadotropin stimulator/mild antiestrogen

Novice athletes often do not know how to take the clomid. Here everything is simple. To maintain the effect, you should drink clomid after a course of steroids (the next day). If you delay more than seven days after completing the steroid course the effectiveness of the clomid will be much lower.

How to take clomid

Daily serving dosage for men is in the range of 50-100 mg. the pills is to produce on a daily basis, without permits and within two to three weeks.

as for the pills, there are a few simple tips:

- first of all, clomid is to take in at once and be sure to drink water;

- secondly, the drug is best done at the same hours;

- third, in the process of completing the course of clomid is not recommended to drink alcoholic beverages. Otherwise efficacy may be reduced.

a Special category of athletes were women. For them the drug are not desirable for one simple reason – he can disrupt hormonal processes. But there are exceptions. Clomed drug has a powerful anabolic effect, allowing you to use it as effective fat burner. In preparation for competitions such assistance will be very helpful. But even in this case it is important to follow the instructions clomid, follow the recommendations of the experts and do not exceed the dosage.

With the right approach, sequential courses of anabolic steroids and clomid allow to achieve excellent results is to add strength and muscle mass, and save them. If you neglect post-cycle admission clomed, and it is likely that a large part of the muscles can simply go nowhere..

EFeffects of clomid:

Is a potent antiestrogen; Inhibits the action of female hormones; Prevents gyno and other side effects of estrogenna format; Allows you to keep up your muscle mass; Simplifies the recovery of the hormonal system; Virtually non-toxic and does not cause side effects; Does not interfere in hormonal sverhmery, as do aromatase inhibitors.

Side effects from taking clomid

If you do not exceed the dosage, as a rule, side effects virtually do not appear at high doses may worsen vision, there is a risk of multiple pregnancy, women can increase the ovaries.


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