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BP Esculap 5tab/20mg

Base price $5.48
Description Brief description of the drug:

ESCULAP - is a drug from class of inhibitors ФДЕ5. The active ingredient Tadalafil.


recommended use :

take ONE TABLET * 20 mg before the alleged sexual intimacy.
take 15 MINUTES before anticipated sexual intimacy.
the pronounced effect of the drug LASTS up to 36 hours
the maximum recommended frequency of reception 1 TIME per DAY
IMPORTANT ! Allowed the use of the drug with moderate alcohol consumption.

the Situations are different, and if you are afraid of the unpleasant incident with the girl – you will not hurt to have something like tadalafil. This extended version of the well-known "viagra". Due to the simple mechanisms, Esculap from Balkan Pharmaceuticals will provide you a strong and confident erection, no matter how you may feel. What is most important – the drug exerts its effect only through physical contact with the penis, which is very convenient, because you do not have to blush somewhere in a public place. The duration of the drug – 36 hours.

Effects from taking Persistent prolonged erection with stimulation of the penis. Possible redness of the face, increased heart rate, headache (because the blood flow will be enhanced not only to small but to large head). The reduction sensitive the penis (as a result, more time is required to complete intercourse). How to take doctor

Accept Esculap often not be sufficient to do this only in those times when you really need some support. For example, sexual contact with a new girl or on the back of strong fatigue. The drug starts working within 15 minutes, but for more confidence, better make it a few hours before the planned sexual intercourse.

For the first time can use a whole tablet, in consequence, you will be completely missed and half, or even quarters. In the end, the main goal of this drug is to overcome psychological problems (stress, excitement) that can lead to erectile dysfunction.


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