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SP Gonadotropin 5000 iu

Base price $11.74

the Effects of SP Gonadotropin

a Variety of sports pharmacology used today by athletes to accelerate progress and recovery after a hard workout. Among these drugs are not only anabolic steroids. It is no secret that the use of AAS may cause side effects. However, they should not be afraid, because today, in your Arsenal there are excellent drugs to eliminate side effects. One of them is SP Gonadotropin.

Among the positive properties of the gonads is to provide:

Stimulates production of gonadotropic hormones of the group. Improves the quality of seminal fluid. Does not possess steroid properties. Avoids problems with testicles during a powerful anabolic courses.

Immediately it should be noted that this auxiliary drug. Its main objective is to protect the athlete from the side effects of steroids, buy which are also available in our store.

Use SP Gonadotropin

SP Gonadotropin is used directly in the courses, the duration of which exceeds 2.5 months or steroids are used in high doses. If the athlete has mild or moderate course of AAS, the gonad it is not required. Also, be aware that the use of the drug during PCT can lead to effects opposite to the expected.

SP Gonadotropin cycles with a duration of 3 weeks. After that you need to take a break of similar duration. One-time dose of 100-1000 units. At the same time to enter the gonad should be 2-3 times within seven days. It is not necessary to use a Gonadotropin to improve sports results.


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