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Vitagon (3 vials of 5000 units + solution)

Base price $56.19

Vitagon (human chorionic Gonadotropin) is a very important drug in bodybuilding, most often used by athletes on a course of steroids in the prevention of atrophy of the testicles. Consists of two hormone – and follicle-stimulating lotensinbuy, and are responsible for the production of testosterone in the athlete's body. Thus, an athlete being on very long courses of steroids even in high doses, may support the activity of their eggs. By the way, during the reception of Vitagora, the activity of sperm is greatly increased, therefore, to conceive a child even on the "hard" a course of steroids, but with the use of gonadotropin, it is very easy.

Effects from taking Stimulates the synthesis of sex hormones. Increases spermatogenesis, increases sperm activity, sperm quality. Prevention of atrophy of the testes for long courses of steroids. The accelerated development of the sexual organs and secondary sexual characteristics. How to take Vitagen

Make Vitagon should be only on long courses of steroids over 8 weeks with the use of "hard" drugs and large doses. The shorter courses malaprade. You can also observe the practice of receiving athletes HCG after a course – it is also fundamentally wrong, because it will delay the recovery process. To apply the medication needs ON the course, not after.

Course of Vitagora lasts 10-20 days, depending on the severity of a steroid cycle. The optimal dosage of 500 IU three times a week. The maximum dosage at a very heavy rate of 1000 IU for 3 weeks, 3 injections per week. Large dosages can lead to more violations of the arc of the pituitary gland-the hypothalamus-the testicles. It should be understood, because there is a fine line between limiting the use of the drug and harm him.


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